Sunday, February 05, 2012

Attempting pretty cookies.

This is my first attempt at using royal icing on cookies.  I whipped up some nice looking icing, however I am having two problems with it.  When the icing for piping dries, it can be smooshed easily, crumbly almost. When the icing is diluted, it takes FOREVER to dry.  This is problematic.  I fear I may have whipped too much air into it. The cookie is delicious.  It is my Aunt Cindys roll out cookie recipe.  Best. Cookie. Evah.

This is what happens when my husband says: "Is this dry?" and TOUCHES IT.  No bueno.
So, what have I learned?  I need to practice my piping skills. Srsly. Also, I need to master making royal icing.  I did find a great tutorial on easy clean up of piping bags etc. The video is here and if you are interested, It has great ideas.  I think I can use it for cake decorating too.

So I am going to keep on trying...My kids are super cool with eating my rejects.


  1. you are awesome for leaving that youtube link on my blog. :o) left you a back comment there, but just in case you never visit again...;o) THANK YOU! am going to try that technique next time. btw - your cookies look delish and beautiful. is the sugar cookie recipe for sharing? is it on your blog somewhere? would love to try it. i am using the southern living sugar cookie recipe right now, but i don't find it too tasty.

  2. Of course i will visit again, and I put the recipe in my new blog post. The recipe isnt too sweet and frosting really compliments it, but i do love it so much. Try it out and see what you think.

  3. Anonymous21:56

    hey where did u get the video from??? ahemm ahemm

    Wannabe Stay At Home Mommy


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