Monday, August 07, 2006

Seriously, don't read this if you hated my breastfeeding post.

Here are some recent and adorable pictures of Jennah, before I get down and dirty regarding my breastfeeding post. May I say, Mean Aunt Cindy, I love you and please don't be offended.

Poor thing! Got her mommys ears. Posted by Picasa

What I like about this one is, she is looking at me, not the camera. Posted by Picasa

I have another sweetie baby on my hands. Posted by Picasa

Ok, so I guess I do have to call myself a breastfeeding Nazi. I had a phone conversation with my aunt last night and she told me to "get over it." I had to try and bite my tongue at that. I guess I should keep the ranting to my blog and leave my communications with others to bland statements. I don't mean to cause anyone any guilt about their decisions to formula feed. That is not my intent. I am writing how I feel over here. Everybody has their own reasons for things, no matter what my opinions are of those things it is a free country.
Regarding the comments I received, I still think a 15 year old boy will probably pop wood no matter what,seeing someone breastfeed or not though. Don't 15 year olds float boners like 50 times a day? Ewww, I don't wanna think of that. I mean hey, guys used to check out National Geographic when I was in elementary school, before most of them found out that their dads had huge hidden stashes of porn. Not that the internet isn't good for that now, or anything.
I think breastfeeding moms have rights. Apparently all 50 states and the District of Columbia does too, since all have legislation to protect the rights of a breastfeeding mother in public. It isn't a sex act, it is a mother feeding a child. So, sorry "None breastfeeding Mom" (if you are who you say you are, and I don't believe so, just know I know your true identity, because you are not sly. It is good to see you are still reading my blog, bitch) if you feel a woman should stay in her car to feed. I think that is ridiculous. Once again, My blog, my words, don't like it, don't visit. 'Nuff said.

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