Friday, August 04, 2006

World Breastfeeding Week.

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I wouldn't call myself a breastfeeding Nazi. Either you are going to breastfeed your baby or you're not. I just wish more women would. It makes me sad to hear women say "it ties me down to the baby" or "No one else can feed the baby" or even the worst thing I have heard ever, and most flabbergasting: "I have a ton of milk I just don't want to deal with it." What a shameful waste. If more women would breastfeed more men would see what breasts are really for, and it wouldn't make people so darned squeamish. And for the religious out there: Hello~!? Jesus did not drink Similac Mary (and/or possibly a wetnurse) breastfed him.
When Ayman was 3 months old he refused to nurse anymore. I had been giving him bottles when we were in Egypt, because I had huge scabs on my nipples, and it was waaaaaay to painful to nurse, and expressing wasn't cutting it. By the time I could nurse again, he didn't want to. Long story short, my feelings were so hurt. I wanted to breastfeed him more, but he didn't want to do the work. I swore I wouldn't let that happen to my daughter. At first I was so tired and didn't feel like waking up to feed. But hey, either you are doing it with the breast, or you are pulling your tail out of bed, making a bottle, making sure it is the right temperature, sitting in the room with the baby and feeding her. I love breastfeeding. It is the perfect MRE (Meal ready to Eat, for those of you with no knowledge of military jargon.)So what I am saying here is think it thru. Believe in yourself and what a gift breastfeeding is. The longer you do it the better. Just do it.
Kristina visited and commented on my blog today. She had a great post that I want to share with you, so please check it out it had some great info, and some links to ridiculous stories that need to be seen to be believed. Thanks Kristin for stopping by, and for writing that post, the inspiration for this rant.

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