Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weekend trips and offensive opinions.

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Wow, I guess I have been slacking off on the job lately. I have kind of hit a blogging rut over here, I don't have much to say, of course actually I do, but it is pretty inflammatory, so I will get with the happy happy first. This weekend I went to the bay area to see my friend Heba. She has two little ones like me but hers are both around 9-10 months older than mine. It was a lot of fun. We got there late on Friday night, and we all slept in one room (three beds, don't ask, the bay area is expensive, y'all) Ayman was so wound up he didn't sleep until like, 2 am. Everytime the room would get quiet, one of the kids would giggle, or like Jennah, fart, and it would send all the kids (and mommies too, ) into fits of giggles. I was having slumber party flashbacks. On Saturday we went to a park, and the kids played. Then, we returned to the apartment and Heba made a great Egyptian style Dinner, that Amr, brought his cousin Amr (nope, not a mistake, I said Amr.) to. Amr is a neurosurgeon visiting from Egypt to learn all kinds of hitech stuff they do in hospitals here. Currently he is studying at University of San Francisco. Anyway, the food was delicious and we all ate too much. Sunday, the kids were driving each other and their mothers nuts so we left at about 3 pm, a fun time was had by all.

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Now for the offensive. I will post this Youtube clip, which is the only clip I have ever seen that TRUTHFULLY states what was and is going on with Lebanon and Israel. I refuse to toe the Bush Party Line, people. Let the flaming comments commence.

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