Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tom Cruise, Scientology, and lip gloss.

So, Tom Cruise got fired from Paramount, basically because of his personal behavior.. Hmmmmmm....I don't really see why, I mean he is just a normal guy with a girlfriend who had his baby..... that he has shut away, and sucked the soul out of. I mean, what is up with this dude, anyway? He was normal at one time. Or at least he passed himself off as normal. Is it because of Scientology? Because I am reading about it, and it looks pretty kooky to me. L. Ron Hubbard actually recommended that breastfeeding be avoided, and that a child should be given a mixture of "barley water, homogenized milk, and corn syrup or honey." Stating that he picked it up "In roman days" Hello? I don't even know where to start on this one. I mean since when is it alright to give a baby honey anyway? And the thought that breastmilk is bad for the baby? Oh crap, my head may explode. Of course I might just be being *glib* over here but ole' Tommy boy needs to get over himself and wake up.
And on an unrelated note....
Today I was praying the early after noon prayer (Dhur) and Ayman was doing things he shouldn't be doing, knowing, I am not going to stop praying tot stop him. So I can hear him get into the computer cabinet, and in there I had some lip gloss and other Dr. Pepper flavored lipstuff. I can hear him opening it and putting the lid back on it.... He loves the lipstuff, his lips are chapped all the time so we put some vanilla lip balm on him a few times a day. anyhoo, I am just finishing up the prayer, I am on the ground on my knees saying the last part of it quietly. He comes over and stands dead in front of me on the prayer rug, so I close my eyes because he will do anything to get you to look at him. So, my eyes are closed and I am just about done, when I feel lip balm being applied to my lips- not neatly. Seriously, do you have any idea how hard it is to keep your concentration when something like that is going on? I finished up and this is what greeted me-

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lovely isn't it?
Well hey, thanks for joining me, I have nothing else to say right now and the pipsqueek is crying. Time to take off the blogger hat and put on the mommy one. Later folks.

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