Monday, September 13, 2004

Ayman moment/Britney rant

Okay this is my second time attempting this.
Today that baby leaned in and kissed me when I puckered up to give him a kiss. He had is mouth open and then licked me, but I know he can't pucker yet. It was too cute, and just proves yet again, how wonderful parenthood is.

Now, something I would like to discuss: Britney Spears. Did she fire her PR person? I have noticed lately Brit has been letting her white-trashy-trailer parkiness show. Just last week I saw her Us magazine coming out of a gas station bathroom BAREFOOT. Yes, I said a GAS STATION BATHROOM. Ewwwwwww! Not to mention ( but I will anyway) She bought her own engagement ring. I guess this guy, (who by-the-way, left his girlfriend who just gave birth to his child) that she is in love with couldn't afford the 'bling' she feels she deserves. Britney has also been photographed hopping on the Kaballah wagon, wearing her "Kaballah Addict" shirt and sporting the string bracelet, supposedly given to her by Madonna, I mean, Esther. (no surprise there). Yep Kaballah, although she continues to be photographed drinking and smoking. Britney needs to use some judgment, and if she doesn't have any she should buy some, or hire someone to have it for her. Lord knows, she has the cash. God help the teenage girls of the world.

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