Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Picture People

Well today we got that babys' pictures taken. I wanted to take him to Focus Pocus. It is a place in Toys R Us. We had his picture done there in April, and they were really reasonable. They were totally digital and able to Photoshop a scratch off of Aymans face last time. This morning I called and called during their listed hours, (they have a recording saying if they don't answer that they are probably with another customer.) Then I get someone on the phone and guess what? Focus Pocus closed. I was so bummed. They were really good with the baby, took excellent pictures, and the price per sheet was totally reasonable. We got four sheets for like $52.00, and that was anything, wallets, 5x7, 3x5, 8x10. Needless to say, I was bummed. So I called the Picture People, in a local mall. Let me just say up front, that place is a racquet. A "package"= 8x10, 2 5x7, 8 wallets for the low low price of $46.00 plus a $9.95 sitting fee for the baby. That is only one pose. Additional pose package is the same price. You cannot mix and match, you have to get those sizes or you pay $18.00 per additional sheet. It was totally ridiculous. Hallmark Corporation owns this place. Way to go Hallmark, gouge the families of America. My father was the one taking my son to get the pictures taken and he paid for it, and didn't care about the price. If it had been me, I would have turned around and gone to Wal-Mart.
Ok, that's my rant. Now I have to go watch the debate between John Kerry and that Idiot George Bush. Believe me I will rant about that later.

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