Thursday, September 23, 2004

Poor Baby Ayman

Today was ok. I took the baby to his nine month check up and he received one shot--not too bad. He cried of course, but it was over fast. He was in good spirits the rest of the day. I cooked a traditional Egyptian dish for dinner. It is called mahshy. Basically, it is cabbage leaves stuffed with a rice mix. My husband said it was yummy. I also made a white cake with frosting. Not from scratch, but who the heck has time for that? I am sending in a job application for a graveyard shift job in the lab at ****** Hospital. It will only be weekends, three a month hopefully. I want to get cable, and DSL. This dial up crap really sucks. Anyhoo, time to put on the Crest White Strip (premuim!) and veg out in front of the TV for a bit before that baby wakes up at around 1:30, then off to bed.

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