Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Waterbugs no more ( i hope)

Well, today was a good day. They finally came to fix the ceiling in our bathroom and caulk the shower so those hideous waterbugs can't get in anymore. As you can see I have started to post the pictures from my trip to Egypt earlier in the year.. The baby just now bit it and hit his head on one of his toys...Daddy is comforting him right now. It was very traumatic. My neighbor here in these luxury apartments has 2 shiftless sons living with her. She went away for a week so they could do her shower in her bathroom. Well, they just started doing it and she has been gone like five days. They just got in a huge shouting match. These guys are no younger than 35 years old, and one of them just left the house saying " I'm gonna call Mom!" Hmmmmmm, kinda makes me wonder why they aren't attached. Well that is enough fo now. Peace out.

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