Tuesday, September 28, 2004

That baby is always good for a laugh.

Tonight at ten o'clock my husband and I put the baby down to sleep. He just figured out how to roll over two weeks ago, and figured out that he could also do this in his crib, last week. As a result, he totally doesn't want to go to sleep right away when we put him in there. It also seems like once he sits up, he doesn't know enough to lay back down when he gets tired. So tonight, for 45 minutes he played in his crib, and made noises at us in the other room. He doesn't call for mommy and daddy yet but he does make a "uhh" sound that seems like he is calling for us. He did this for about 20 minutes. Then, he was silent for about 10 minutes, so we went to check on him and found him like this. (picture #1) Five minutes later Amr came into the room and asked me if I moved the baby. I said that I hadn't and got up to take a look. (picture #2) It looks like he sat up and then fell over in the opposite direction. Too cute. Thank God for digital cameras and the internet so I can share all of this minutiae with you all.

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