Sunday, May 22, 2005

After the Traumatic haircut.

 Posted by HelloWell, we finally got that baby a haircut. It was about time. His hair was like, four or five inches long on top, and all squirrelly with his cowlicks. It was a baaaad hair cut. I mean the haircut is what it is--the best she could do with a baby that was going totally ballistic in his moms arms. He was less upset a couple of weeks ago when I had to have his blood drawn. I really don't know what is up with it. His first haircut, He sat so nicely, didn't cry, and actually smiled a couple of times. The last few haircuts have gotten progressively worse until yesterday when the baby and I both came home covered in hair. It was awful. It made Amr very nervous. Well, it is over now. Hopefully he will handle it better nextime. Let's just hope next time doesn't come too soon.

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