Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mouse Assassin 4: I'm Gonna Get You Sucka

 Posted by Hello I hope this is the last installment of the Mouse Assassin series. It certainly is the most gruesome. Why you might ask? He looks like he is sleeping. Well, if you look closer you will notice a puddle of mousie blood at the top of the picture and trail of blood from where I dragged the mouse, to put him in better perspective. (this ain't CSI, folks) The picture turned out blurry anyway, because I failed to check it out before I bagged the little guy. Actually , not so little. I think this is the one that flipped me the bird the other night when I went out into the garage.
So let this be a lesson, to all you mice out there surfing the internet. You come to my house and it will be a baaaaaad end to you. The siren call of the ramen and bread is just too much.

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