Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Well, As Usual, Amr Is Right

Tonight I went to go get my self some microwave popcorn. I opened the bottom drawer, where I keep the popcorn, and there were two mice in there. BASTARDS! I knew the the mouse I caught was too chubby for it not to belong to one big-happy-reproducing-mousie family. The two that were in the drawer were smaller. So I set a trap (I can see I will have to get some more) with peanut butter and top ramen. I only had one trap in the house so I went out to the garage. There I saw a larger mouse. Larger than the dead one from the picture. It was taking a leisurely stroll along the crotch bar of my husbands bicycle. FUN! So now, I have three traps set in the drawer, and have found two mousie egress routes. Does anyone have any suggestions, I mean aside from buying like ten more traps and booby trapping this place? I am all ears (and little paws, lemme tell you.) does anyone recommend anything specific to bait the traps? These mice are to darn smart. I think I will put the popcorn they were munching on back in the drawer. OK that is done... Let the carnage begin. Hopefully I will have results by tomorrow, and believe me if I do you will know about it. Gotta love this digital age. BTW, the posts title refers to the fact that my husband says that mice always have friends, so you never have just one. I this case, as far as I have seen it is three. I am not really looking forward to telling him about that.

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