Friday, May 13, 2005

Plum Tuckered Out.

 Posted by HelloWARNING: THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT THE BOY. I want a little reminder of what he was doing at this time, his 17th month. Today, my little man had to get blood drawn. This did not make him happy at all. So, to try to make up for it I got him a Wendys kids meal with chicken nuggets, mandarin oranges and chocolate milk. He loves chocolate milk. I am not surprised considering how many gallons of the stuff I guzzled while pregnant with him. He also just loves French fries but I am trying to cut back on those for him. I didn't even eat mine. Ayman has this thing where he will not eat bites of things. He likes to shove everything into his mouth at once, and figure out how to chew it later. Case in point: I gave him a chicken nugget, smartly broken up into about six pieces, then looked away for a second. When I looked back I had found that he had shoved all but one piece--just about the whole nugget folks, into his baby mouth. His cheeks were stretched out, and he kept on smooshing the back of his hand against his mouth to keep the food he was attempting to masticate from exploding out. Why does he do this? How long can I expect this to go on? He shoves food into his face like I am about to take it away. I never take it away. Oh, well what are you gonna do? I hope this is a passing thing. He is getting really curious about spoons and forks now, so I give him a spoon with dinner. He touches it to the food, then touches it to his mouth. He doesn't actually get food on the spoon, but I see this as a solid start on not eating like a caveman.He also loves the Teletubbies. Now a couple years ago I would have grimaced at the idea of Teletubbies. When I used to babysit my cousins Adam and Jacob, Jake was sooooo into Barney. I hated that purple dinosaur and would have not let it be shown in my presence if not for one thing: if the boys were watching Barney they weren't watching me. That was cool. I am applying the same basic principle with the Teletubbies. Ayman can watch them for half hour (I love on demand TV) and I can do something else, whatever that might be. And that, dear readers, is what keeps Mommy sane. That and working 24 hours a week, when he does't even know I am gone.
Likes:-Petie the dog, oranges eaten with Daddy, French fries, oreos, his blanket and bzaza, cheerios and bananas, trucks, running, The theme song to Malcolm In the Middle showers, and the Ice Cream man (he stands by the window and dances when he comes by)
dislikes:Mandarin oranges, walking on grass, baths, the hand mixer, having his diaper changed, getting the shapoo out of his hair, popsicles, and haircuts Chef Boy RDee raviolis.

Ok, there you have it. A sickeningly sweet post about my baby, but hey, why else did I start blogging? It is all about you Ayman, Mama loves you very much.

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