Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers Day!

 Posted by HelloOkay first I have to say, sorry Mom, I wanted to post a nice picture of the both of us, but I came up miserably short on recent ones so it is Mickey Mouse-ears-Daughter and Prefacelift-Mommy. That being said, this is a mothers day post.
This is a picture of my mother and I last year around her birthday, which is at the end of May. I think it was her 29th birthday, as a matter of fact. Anyhoo, I just want to let everyone know just how much I love her. If you would have told me when I was in high school that my best friend in the whole world when I became a real live adult would be my mom, I would have told you that you were smoking crack (or something to that effect) Well, I am proud to be able to call my mom my best friend in the whole wide world. She has been there for me in the best ways, in all this stage we call adulthood. She was there thru breakups with boyfriends, move back ins, weddings and incarcerations (don't ask) She was there at the birth of my son, right where I wanted her to be, next to me(at least I think she was next to me she could have been delivering him for all I remember....I just wanted him out!) and I Love her so much for all those reasons and so many more it is too hard to name. So, before things get too mooshy, I want to say I love you Mom, Thank you for being you, for me. I hope I can do 1/2 the job you have with me for my children.

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