Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Full of beans

My son is strange. He has been cranky/whiny all day long. My father came over for dinner and he was very cute, sitting in his high chair, eating the mahshi that I made. What a mess. Then after dinner he got a bath, still very cute, and normal. Then after the bath he was totally bonkers. Crawling this way, crawling that way, standup here, crawl and stand up there, play with two toys at once, climb on daddy--all this for like an hour. Then when it is mommy decompression time he wants to be difficult. I let him do this in his crib, and went into the bedroom to blog. Ten minutes ago he woke up--inconsolable. It was early for his bottle but I gave it to him anyway. Now I am listening to the domestic violence couple across the way, and my son-- thanks god-- is asleep.
Ahh.... The sound of silence. Delicious.

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