Thursday, October 07, 2004

My son has a snotty nose.

That baby has a snotty nose. I knew I should have taken him home yesterday as soon as I saw that little boy playing near him with the five inch rope of snot hanging from his nose. I swear if he gets sick, well, I don't know what. What kind of idiot mom brings their kid to a mall play area with a horrendously snotty nose? No Kleenex even. Keep your son, and his colonies of cooties at HOME. Cripes.

Last night DH and I had dinner with the baby at IHOP. Ayman was happily playing with anything he could get his hands on in reach. So, I slid a lemon wedge in his area. He picked the lemon up and as I suspected, put it in his mouth. Then he dropped it. Not because it was sour, he just isn't that coordinated yet. I was bummed thinking I wasn't going to see lemon face, then BAM! My son made a face like Bill the Cat from the Bloom County (Country?) comics. I was laughing so had I couldn't speak and the baby just kept on eating cheerios. Cheap thrills. Am I bad?
Will he be relaying this story to a therapist in 20 years? Hmmm I will have to ponder that. Tell me what you all think.

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