Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What fresh Hell is this?

Last night at around ten I decided to put my son down for the night. He was displaying all the Ayman "tired "signs: earpulling, laying down on me, hugging his blanket. Since I wanted to watch NYPD Blue, I thought it the perfect idea.
I was wrong
Shortly after I laid him down, we can say like 45 minutes, he decided he was going to wake up--and stay up. I want to him in his room, and held him for a minute, gave him back his pacifier, and laid him down. I had no sooner left then he started to cry. Half-heartedly at first, but the guy was crying. I told my husband I thought we should let him cry it out.
Bad decision.
After about three minutes of crying, that had started at half-hearted, and become full-blast, my husband got up and told me " I am just going to give him his pacifier". Me totally being a fan of non-nutritive sucking, ok'd this plan. Daddy went into the room and baby's cries got louder. Then turned to shrieks when he realized daddy was not there to let him out of his DaVinci prison. At that point Amr picked him up and rocked him like a good daddy. Enter Mommy. That baby started shrieking like someone was pinching him! My husband took him into the front room. Maybe he had a belly ache. I decided to bust out the magic elixr we brought back from Egypt: Gripe Water. I gave him some and it didn't seem to help, and now every time the baby looks at me, he screams. I mean really screams. I had to go into the bedroom and shut the door, because he could still see me sitting on the bed.
We laid him down once more with a bottle and it seemed to take. Then at 1115 he woke up again. More shrieking baby.
I don't want bore you with all the details (too late) but my son finally went to bed--at one a.m., cranky, complaining and exhausted.

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