Tuesday, October 05, 2004

SAHM fun

I went to a Stay at home mom meet-up at Weberstown Mall today. Everyone was really very nice and all the kids were so cute. Ayman was playing nice, but got fixated by all of the stroller wheels. Then, he made a break for it like, three times to get out of the play area. He musn't have been having as much fun as me. There was a little boy named Fox there. He was a lot smaller than Ayman, and very cute and happy. When Ayman crawled, Fox mounted up behind him and crawled with him. Ayman just kept on going, like he didn't notice he was towing another baby. It was cute. He started to get tired toward the end of the meetup, and camped out on my lap with his blanket. It was nice. He is napping now, and with any luck I will get a nap too.

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