Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Good times go bad with SAHM

Yesterday we had a SAHM meet -up at the Weberstown Mall. (you can read about it if you scroll down) Today I check out the message boards and there is total drama from one member of the group. I don't know what is up with this chick. She got all nasty on the message boards, someone called her on it and then everyone kissed and made up. Then today she decides everyone thinks she is "the bad guy" and left the group. She also stated that she was uncomfortable because she was the only person of color (or something to that effect) in the group. Apparently we didn't make her feel welcome. Mind you this was the first meet-up, so it was sort of a clusterf**k anyway, but she sat as far away from all of us as she could and made no effort to talk to anyone. I know you cant please everyone, but throw me a bone here, huh? This girl has removed herself from the meet-up group and can no longer be contacted. What is a real bummer is, online she was so friendly, and I am sure she was friendly in person, she just didn't give it a chance.
Whatever, I'm not in high school anymore. I just want my son to make some friends.

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  1. Hi Cassandra,
    I used to be on Blogger & my password still works so I can post comments. Yay!
    Your group is probably better off w/o her then. It's funny how much like highschool it can be. I've encountered some hardcore mommy cliques at the preschools in the past couple of years


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