Saturday, October 30, 2004

My Blog Life and Blogexplosion.

Surfing Blogexplosion, again. Some would say "get a life." But it is addicting! I know lots of people have made posts like this, but here is yet another one on the adventure that is Blogexplosion.
I am now noticing a lot of blogs by kids in school. I didn't notice so many of these before. I have also noticed that these blogs seem to be the hardest for my poor computer to load. It seems like they are always junked up with a lot of crap that takes too long, weather pixie, polls, that kind of stuff.
People, I have dial-up, ok? It takes a long ass time to load this stuff.
I ran across a cool site called Jeni's Journal, Whew! She is a good writer. She has some excerpts from something she has been working on for a few years up there and it had me hooked this morning when I surfed in. I really hope that she posts more soon.
There are the conservative republican weblogs. Pretty much the second I see a Bush-Cheney button on a site, I zone out on banners for the rest of the 30 seconds. I wonder how many people do that when they read Stay At Home Mom on my blog? (" oh crap some more pictures of some losers chubby kid") But anyway. I have to do that, if I don't, my blood pressure goes dangerously high. I can't wait for the election to be over because it has caused me to be more political in my blog than I ever wanted to be.
there is another site that I like to check out and that is Motokis log. I blogged a blurb on it with a link last week. That baby is a cutie pie, and his story is nothing short of amazing. He is almost ready to go home, so I can't wait to read about that. I am so happy for that family. I check it daily. I like the mom blogs; Cranky Mommys Rant Site, and Dooce. I think lots of people read dooce, she has a wide appeal. she has really gotten famous in the world of blogs because of her background story. I didn't forget the dad sites either, like Genuine, and Got Twins? ( actually I surfed into Genuine just now.)
Then there is the couple of dude blogs, as I like to call them . I like one more than the other. They are and A View from the Bleachers. Niteowl has a picture that changes on the top of the blog and one of them is a picture of a guy and a girl sitting at a cocktail table in what looks like a bar. The guy is totally ripped and has tattoos. I mean excellent arms and chest. The picture is only from the neck down, so I don't know what the face looks like but, I don't care. his writing is entertaining and makes me feel compelled to comment when I visit or surf in on BE. View From the Bleachers I don't read as much, but is entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, there are two blogs that I enjoy. One is The Impulsive Buy the writer(s) there crack me up. I like to see what they are reviewing, even if I would never buy it in a million years. And finally, there is the blog I found perusing someone else's blogroll. I found it on the blog Haiku of the Day, it was called, Steve don't eat that! I have to admit, my curiosity was piqued so I clicked it. It redirected me to a site called "the Sneeze". I was seriously laughing my ass off at this guy. He eats questionable food and writes about it, taste, smell consistency. He made a BLT out of Beggin' Strips. Yes, the doggie treat Beggin' Strips. Need I say more? I am going to attempt to put links in this post, but I am just not that smart, so sorry if it doesn't work. I am not as crafty blog wise as Jeckles Geek. These are my blogs of note. Most on BE, but some not, check 'em out if you haven't already, and to those of you I mentioned keep up the good work, you all are part of the reason I am soo hooked on BE. That, and the fact I am an insomniac that has a short attention span and likes to read. Oh yeah, did I mention I am a mystery prize junkie? Well that is my post for the day, for once, not about my darling baby boy or that damn election or war.
I'm OUT!

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