Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Tour raquet

My dear husband and I on a camel. Posted by HelloWhen you go to the pyramids, a bunch of Egyptian guys will stop you on your way up to negotiate a "tour package" with you. The tour package we got included a carraige ride for my husband and I, a horseback ride for my brother-in-law Maged (you can see the back of him riding a horse on the picture below). When you are almmost to kufu they stop you at "the camel guy" this is a guy who has a camel all dressed up with these fancy pompom things on its bridle, they get you to sit on the camel, and your tour guy takes pictures of you on the camel in front of the pyramids (not very good pictures i might add.) But the camel guy costs more money. the bad thing about the tour package is that his doesnt include a ride down to the Sphinx, and it also doesn't include the ride back to where you started. all this for the low low price of 80 Egyptian pounds each. I think, Maged if you are checking this out and i am wrong, let me know.

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