Monday, March 19, 2007

Back at Home, Ilhamdulillah salama.

We got back home and it is so great to be here. My mom met us at the airport, along with my Dad. It was so great to see the both of them. Then as an added bonus, my brother Alex, and sis in law Renee were here at our house to see us as well with- Tada, mexican food from a local joint, Don Luis. So good to be home.
Also, did I neglect to mention (yes.) That my baby girl turned One year old yesterday? Such a big girl, and she is walking, people. She look like she has had a few shots of Jager, but she walks . Right now both are still sleeping, but i am going to be sorting some laundry, starting a load up, YAY! I have a dryer again, and then waking the angels up. Jennah has her 1st birthday party this weekend at a Alex and Renees and I need to start planning the shindig.
So I am back. Much love to my baby bro who hooked me up with a brand spanking new wireless router yesterday before i came home. Now i can still use my new laptop to blog and stuff, in the manner i have become accustomed. Love ya , Bro. And Oh crap, thank you to my Dad for picking us up and to my mom- who should have gotten hazardous duty pay while cleaning my kitchen, and organizing it for me.... Apparently, I have some Fear Factor-style hissing cockroaches in my kitchen. (not any more, Thanks Mom.) She also spruced up the rest of the pad which was so nice to come back to.
I love you guys.

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