Thursday, March 01, 2007

Good Times Go Bad 2007

OK, so this is Ayman and Jennah playing on the floor. It starts off with "Where's Jennah", then we go on to "Where's Ayman", then as some added Mean Mommy fun I have her daddy say "No, Jennah, no, Sissy!" and she bursts into tears, which are fake by the way. She does get a little butt hurt, but mostly the tears are for show. It is so cute. If you listen close you can hear Amr tell her "no."

And real quick, I want to take this time to thank everyone for their comments, I love them, and encourage them. I don't care if I have met you or not--(this means you, Katy from VPPS) just comment away. I am not always agreeable (Me? nawww.) But hey, the choice is always yours. So keep it up people, I am so glad someone is reading this.

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