Sunday, March 04, 2007

Banha Aqeekah Weekend

This is the backyard (really more of a courtyard) at Amr's Nenah's (nenah is another word for grandma) house in Banha. We sacrificed two lambs here before, (click here, here, or here,)
Unfortunately, I didn't get the super sweet angle on this or the "money-shot" so to speak. I can tell you, dude has a super sharp knife and he is saying "bism Allah ir rahman ir rahim" (in the name of God, the compassionate and merciful) while he slits the throat. I have to say, that this sheep seemed to croak quicker that the previous ones. Thankfully.

Then, with the warm blood of the sheep sacrifice still on the butchers hands, he marked Jennahs cheeks and forehead. Gr-ossss! By the way, all of my family that is freaking out right about now, there was no religious (or otherwise) significance to this act, (according to Amr, you can ask him.) The butcher just knew the sheep was being slaughtered for her aqueekah, so he thought it would be fun to put the blood on her face....(again, Amr's words, not mine)

And look! She is totally cool with it.

In this picture, we have l-r: The butcher, the butchers assistant hose-holder-guy-who-sits-around-and-smokes-cigarettes, Amr, Ayman, Ahmed, Nancy, and Kooki. Everyone watches, It's a fun time y'all!

And finally the skin is removed, and it is hung up. In this picture there is still some stuff left in the abdominal cavity of it, but for the most part, the only thing left to do was chop it into pieces that fit in the pot. Fresh and yummy. Although, I did not get pictures of the butcher squeezing the poo out of the small intestine. That was SUPER SWEET. As part of his fee, he kept the small intestine, and the skin.

But wait! There is more! I just have to go to the mall first. hahaha. to be continued.

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