Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thursday night...(I am behind over here)

On Thursday night we ate at Uncle Saids house, in Nasr City. The food was just awesome. they had this kofta and baba ganooj that was out of this world. It was quite a spread. Such a spread, I took a picture of it before the feeding frenzy commenced. No, just kidding, no frenzy this time there was actually seating, so everyone behaved themselves.

Observe, Kooki and Jennah playing nice. A problem has developed in the Kooki/Jennah relationship. Kooki wants to be Jennahs big sister/mommy, and Jennnah wants nothing to do with any of it. So as a result, Jennah starts wincing or swinging when ever Kooki gets near her most of the time. Poor Kooki, her cousin is sooooo stubborn.

In between being a pain in the butt and crying, Jennah was cute at Uncle Said's house. With the teething, and the excitement, she is really unpredictable.

Observe, Noha the Skittle holder. She has a crowd of kids around her all night. The Skittles worked magic, and she is really sweet too.

And finally, we have this pose from Jennah--it is her"I want it" pose. She has been doing it all the time. She wants everything.

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