Monday, March 05, 2007

Random pictures from Saturday the 3rd

Ok, this wasn't from Saturday but I just had to put it in there.

Ahmed had been bugging me to take pictures so I sent him around the party to have at it. He took this picture. The lense was a little dirty, so it was hazy, but I think I fixed it later. Digital cameras are so great because you can take just about any picture that would have been mediocre at best before, and fix it, crop it, and what have you, and there you go, a nice picture.

This is Reems daughter Jennah, I don't know how she spells it, and i will probably have to edit this later. So cute, i love the hat.

And here of course, is Mr. Ayman looking quite fetching in Jennahs (from above) little red chappeau.

This is a nice shot. I should have cropped it though. Oh well.

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