Saturday, March 03, 2007

Not for the faint of heart (Suck it, PETA)

Say Hello to what is left of Jennahs sheep--Actually we had the whole thing butchered, but i figure if you can deal with this disgusting image, you should do alright with the rest of what i will be posting in the future. We just got back from Banha, where we did Jennahs party, and we sacrificed a sheep. (more about that later) Anyhoo, I am exhausted from travel and kids and crap so I won't be posting til later today. Which is Sunday for you nice people in the US. It has been Sunday for 19 minutes now as i write this and we are waiting on delivery for extremely late dinner then it will be beddy-bye time for all.
So, I will sign off for now and leave you with this awesome picture, by the way, those are brains at the bottom of the tray.

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