Sunday, March 11, 2007

Then of course comes Friday....

We had a dinner at Tant Nahed's house. Once again, the food was delicious, but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the spread. We had a really nice visit. Tant Nahed lives in Giza, right off of the same street that the pyramids are on. So, reasonable people, (and I know you all are reasonable people, for the most part,) would think that I would get some pyramid pictures. You'd be wrong. It was getting pretty dark on our way, we were following Maged, and pictures don't turn out well from a moving auto, observe: That is a picture of Mohammed Alis Mosque, or "The Citadel" as all the street signs call it, taken from the car.

This is a pretty awesome picture of my son, who is refusing almost any picture these days. He is wearing about 3 different sets of prayer beads around his neck in this picture. He does a decent re-enactment of his sisters crying, and I will get to work on getting that on video. Like I said, he is camera resistant at this time.

Another one who is camera resistant is Kooki. It must be the age. However, Nada, Kooki's older sister got the two of them to sit together for a few pictures, which I find truly amazing. Thank you Nada, much props.

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