Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dinner with Tant Nabila and family at the Country Club

OK, I know the title of this post is "Dinner with Tant Nabila and family at the country club" I did an absolutely crappy job getting any pictures. I didn't feel well AT ALL. I did get some sweet pictures of Jennah and one picture of an Egyptian variety crow, so enjoy this lame-assed post.

This is Jennah on the kiddie swings at the club. I have to say, for being in the middle of Giza, you would never know it. They have alot of playgrounds for children of all ages ,two swimming pools, high dive platforms, a bakery cafe, a sandwich shop, a fancy restaurant, atrium's, patios, a track with a soccer field of course, and a mosque. You can't forget the mosque. In the above picture, Jennah is gazing at her father in that way that just makes you melt. What a sweetie. Why is there no pictures of Ayman, you ask ? Well, he is still with his cousins in Banha, having a great time. The poor boy is going to be heartbroken when we leave on Sunday....Sunday, I can't believe we have been gone for a month already. Last time, the time just dragged on by, but this time, it flew. I credit this to the great company of course, satellite TV, and my kick-ass laptop.

This is and Egyptian variety Crow (Update, this is called the Hooded Crow). It has a silver body, as you can see, with a black head, wings and tail feathers. It sounds just as annoying as any other crow, but I took the picture, because I found it interesting.

Here is my darling husband deeply engrossed in conversation. I am sure it was a interesting conversation, but I am just assuming, since it was in Arabic, and I just caught a word here and there. Everyone wanted to include me, but like I said before, I make people nervous about their English, and what ends up coming out is a lot of "yanni, yanni, eih" which is a lot like saying "ummmm" in English. I think it is cute, and God knows my Arabic is atrocious.

My baby doll again. she is so sweet.

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