Thursday, March 15, 2007

Saturday the 11th continued.

I was not kidding before when I said I was behind in posting. Having caught a cold did not make matters any better. I am better now but you don't even want to know what the stuff I am coughing up looks like.
So, to continue our Egyptian Auntie dinner tour we went to Tant Fatens, or "Toona", as she prefers to be called, for dinner Saturday night. (don't ask me why or how the nickname for Faten evolved into Toona. I cannot tell you, and my husband was of no help either) The food once again, was delicious, as it has been at all the Aunties homes, and the company was excellent too. I was terrible with the picture taking, but Ahmed wanted Amr to take a picture of him.
Here it is:

Outstanding talent, there Ahmed!

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