Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saturday Shopping Trip to Khan el Khalily

This is the entrance area for Khan el Khalili, a big bazaar in Cairo. I think this is a nice picture of Nancy and I. We went in on a little buying trip. I am going to be vague about what we bought because that is just how I roll. hahaha.

Nancy, Amr, and I made some purchases, then we walked a little bit to get out of the maze of shops. OOPS, we ended up here, a slightly seedier area than we had visited previously. I took a picture because the minarets in the distance looked super sweet.

I took this picture at the first storefront we stopped at. It kind of reminds me of Tijuana, with Arabic writing instead....and women wearing covers, it is slightly cleaner, so I guess the only similarity is that there is a bunch of overpriced crap for sale.
This is some serious traffic. I shot this walking back to our car. You can't see where we parked but i can give you the general idea. Look to the end of the row of buildings on the right of the street.there is a parking lot in front of the last building which by the way, is an enormous hospital. I wish i could have gotten a good pictures of Egyptians crossing the streets. There are NO crosswalks. I mean, I have seen a few, but they don't mean the same thing as in the US. The drivers want to hit you. They are practically begging for you to step wrong so they can hit you. because in Egypt, it is your fault. The pedestrian NEVER has the right of way. In fact, now that I think of it, there is no such thing as right of way; it is more like, anyway you can.

And finally we come to this gem. We stopped at this drink stand so I could get a bottle of water, (it must have been about 80 out there and all those cars are spitting out some lovely fumes) Amr and Nancy got this delicious drink (not) called 3sir asab. (sounds like AH-seer Kah-SAAB) I personally find it to be nasty, but Amr loves it. When we go to the marketplace in El Rehab, (which is just about every other day) he stops to get a glass. What is it made of you ask? Sugarcane that is put through what can best be described as two big burr grinders. Juiced essentially....gross definitely. To me, it tastes like fresh mowed grass smells. Cack.
All in all a good day had by all.

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